Decaf Peru La Florida

Decaf Peru La Florida


Introduced in 2019, this decaf comes from the same farm as our bestselling Peru La Florida. Roasted similarly to a medium level, this Peruvian decaf has changed our minds about decaf coffee by being an excellently well-rounded bean that has interesting things to say, even without the caffeine content. As an added benefit, the identical origin makes a 50/50 blend of our two Peruvians an excellent option for managing your caffeine intake.


Notes.—Notes of milk chocolate with hints of caramel and lemon. Low acidity with medium body.

Origin.—The La Florida Cooperative represents over two thousand Peruvian farmers whose Fair Trade revenue allows them to offer training in environmentally-friendly farming techniques, as well as providing healthcare services in rural areas.

Bird.—Golden-Winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera). 5 inches.